Privately owned and operated by Tamara Hopkins

license # 12004

166 Nemacolin Woodlands Road Farmington, PA 15437

Professional Pet Grooming in Farmington, PA

Including Full Spa Service

Over 30 years of service in the care of animals


Dog Grooming Services Include Spa Baths, Blow Drys, Nail Trims, & More


Breeding Award-Winning AKC American Boxers in Farmington, PA


Kennel for the Accident, MD; Oakland, MD; and Friendsville, MD, Area

Dog Grooming Includes Spa Baths, Blow Dries, Nail Trims, and More

For professional pet grooming in Farmington, PA, come to Mountain Paws Boarding Kennels & Professional Grooming. Owner Tamara Hopkins has been a professional groomer for more than three decades. She takes special care of every dog that comes to us for grooming. Call (724) 329-8619 for an appointment or more information.

Get Dog Grooming for Ear Cleaning, Toe Nail Trims, and More

Our staff is a team of dedicated individuals who love what we do, and use clean, sanitized equipment. We know the correct tool for all coat types to remove damaged and dead hair, allowing for fresh growth. Bring your canine companion for pet grooming services such as:

Spa Bath
Blow Dry
Toe Nail Trim
Nail Grinding
Flea Dips
Ear Cleaning
Style Service
And more!

Bring Us Your Feline for Cat Grooming in the Farmington, PA, Area

Besides dog grooming, we welcome your feline friends for professional cat grooming, to keep matting at bay and more. Just like we do for dogs, our grooming staff knows which tool works best for which cat breed. Some cats have more issues with hairballs than others, with which we can help. They also trim cat claws; when left unchecked, cat claws can grow dangerously long and sharp. Additionally, when felines get regular cat grooming, ticks and parasites are easier to find. Regular cat grooming can help reduce a variety of problems like:

Heat Stress.
Unnoticed Lumps.
Skin And Paw Irritation
Mats and Knots.
Fur Balls.
Bug Detection. …
Excess Shedding. …
Comfort with Humans.

Flea Dips, Nail Grinding, & More Pet Grooming Services for Cats and Dogs

Treat every furry family member to our cat grooming and dog grooming services. At Mountain Paws, your dog or cat receives a bath (specific to its needs), nail trim, and ear cleaning. Our groomer also provides a precision blow dry and the hair cut of your choice. Grooming fees start at $40 for dogs and $50 for cats. Besides pet grooming, we also offer kennel boarding and doggy daycare, and training services. And we are an AKC American Boxer Breeder.

Come to Mountain Paws Boarding Kennels & Professional Grooming for professional pet grooming in Farmington, PA.